Wondering To Blacklist Those Low Pay Clicks?


Do you ever checked your adsense control panel and then sees only $0.01 for one click? How does it feel?

I always have this problem. Actually sometimes its hard to get some clicks and yet it gives a very low pay. It hurt me :(

I create so much hard work to gain traffic and i think my ads space value is more than just 1 cents. I rather spend my space for the advertiser that makes sense - offering more atleast 10 cents (it still low actually :P)

So how can i avoid this?

Use AdsBlackList.com

With AdsBlackList.com, you and i can blacklist advertiser's domain name by using filters.

Why i should use adsblacklist.com?

1) Increase your adsense revenue up to 50%
2) Increase the reputation of your website by NOT linking to Made for Adsense sites
3) Save the quality of contextual advertising in global

So now we can filter all those senseless advertiser. How's that huh?

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