4000 most high paying Adsense Keywords

Today I found a post by Worldallay.com that post about 4000 most high paying Adsense Keywords.

Boost your AdSense profits with 4000 most high paying Adsense Keywords covering more than 50.000 industries active on the web. Discover thousands of Traffic Generating Niche Keywords related to your industry, and Keywords on which you can bring PAID TRAFFIC for more AdSense profits.
When i saw the number (4000) I was really suprised. How did they collect all that? Well it does not matter as long as they gave it free (note: you need to register before download)

So how you can check whether the values are true? Its a big question dude..

You can use Overture bidding tools to estimate whether the values are true or not.

I need to go now, there's a lot of keywords that are waiting for me.. |o| See you again tomorrow!

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AzamWahid said...

hi y'al. :)

i'm AzamWahid. i'm new here. please do guiding me kay. :)

Sifu Zangetsu and Sifu RamzWatcher, thanks for the great info!

as a newbie, it really helps me a lot! :D

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