More Pictures, Tricks and Articles!

Hello every. Thanks for welcome here,

PPC Images have been review up by Tech Buzz and nice critic also there. Thanks for TechBuzz Blog, we are noticed and got some idea there. We need more you comments to improve our website.

Alright, here are 2 announcements from ppcimages:

1. Articles, trick and reviews will be at our main blog, So make sure that you subscribing the feeds here (also available at this site sidebar).

Articles regarding images will be appear place soon at this blog and the main blog.

If you want to find out the articles, you can go there where here we will supply you with images and html codes. We think it’s easier for you not to mess up with the article while you are finding the codes here, right?

2. 2 More pictures format will be added. The formats that are confirm to add here was medium rectangle and square. So the placement will still be same as the previous picture’s (large rectangle) at the top or center of the pages.

3. Now we are looking towards the images as adsense background technique. However, its still on discussion and we are still not really confidence with that technique yet even someone has sell the templates. We need to see what google say first :)

Oh, there's a message from my friend: "i want to place at least 5 images per day". Wow, very interesting. Can i really believe this statement ;p Oh, i remember 1 thing: we are using photobucket now, maybe it have some storage limit?

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Thilak said...

Hey, Thanks for featuring my blog here. PPCImages is cool, but you need to improve its UI

Mr. Pay Per Click said...

oh, how to do that huh? hurm...